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Featured Projects


Audio Visual Experimentation with Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT and our own custom fine-tuned models.


Creating abstraction concept artworks using GPT, Stable Diffusion and a custom fine-tuned model.


Abstract, high resolution imagery using Stable Diffusion image synthesis.


05 Feb 2023 – ControlNet

20 Dec 2022 – Stable Diffusion WebUI

20 Jan 2023 – Overall Open-source improvements

  • Generative AI Image Synthesis

  • Custom model fine-tuning

  • App integrations

  • LLM fine-tuning

  • Dreambooth fine-tuning

  • Lora training

  • Model merging

  • ControlNET internal development

04 Sep 2022 – Stable Diffusion Model 1.5 Fine-tuning

Back in September of 2022, StabilityAI released their first set of Stable Diffusion models. Changing the landscape of generative AI forever, and opening the doors for everyone to start playing with Diffusion models. Within the first week, we had already fine-tuned our own model  adaptation (CSAR) on top of the 1.5 model.


Focused on building tools, resources and guides, open to anyone.